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When it comes to decorating, one of the rooms you can get creative and experiment with is your teen girl’s bedroom. That is of course if you have a willing participant!

There is no limit to the bold colors, creative furnishings and decorations you can use. Teenagers aren’t always very co-operative, but this could be a great project for you to tackle together. Get her involved and tailor the decor to her tastes and interests. She can also help with painting, decorating, organizing the project and picking out accessories.

Teen Girls BedroomThe best place to start is deciding if the decor of the room will be based on a particular color or theme. Themes can be a lot of fun, but be careful not to choose one that will date quickly or your daughter might outgrow. If you decide to go with a theme, make sure to select a theme one that will be ‘evergreen’ for your teenager for years to come.

As she grows and her interests change, it is always easy to use different accessories. That can be one way to mix things up. Another is to try simple decorating options like stickers, wall art, posters, borders, stencils or wall murals. These can be painted over or removed easily as things change.

A key part of the bedroom will be theĀ furniture and storage. Make sure it is appropriate in size and style, while looking good and suiting the color scheme or theme. When choosing a new bed, it is always best to try it out for comfort and size. Teenagers often need a bit more space so a larger bed, or even a double bed may be needed for comfort. Keep in mind where the bed will be positioned and the size of the room when choosing. If necessary take some measurements before going shopping.

After getting the right bed, it’s time to select bed linen to suit the new room. Choosing bedding that will fit with the new theme will be a fun thing to do with your daughter. Also think about where the bed will be positioned and plan to allow for storage, clothing, desk, bookshelves and any other furniture. You want to allow plenty of space for everything to comfortably fit the room.

A space for study and technology may be important so have a plan for this also. Make it easy to keep things accessible while not overtaking the room. Similarly, choose a table or desk that is a practical size, but not too big.

You can create a nice lounge area within the room using soft rugs and some big cushions or bean bag chair. Have a small table beside the chair to hold books, magazines, speakers and other bits and pieces.

Use the ideas above to get started creating a bedroom your teenage daughter will love. Let her help in picking out the furniture and accessories. Always keep in mind interests and her tastes as you plan the room together. But be careful, if you make it so fantastic, she may never want to leave home.